About Imagine This Productions
~ Imagine this Productions Mission Statement ~
Here at Imagine This Productions (IPT), it is our mission to use our talents in the areas of music and storytelling to cultivate and develop our audience’s imaginations. To spark and ignite the creativity within us all. It is our promise to take everyone on a fun-filled, music-filled adventure using our imaginations. We teach that, having a vivid imagination gives us the ability to, see whatever we want to see, be whatever we want to be and go wherever we want to go. And, at the same time as we are playing and having a rockin’ good time, we don’t even realize that we are also, having fun embracing each other’s original and unique stories; we are building connections and relationships, we are building self-confidence and self-esteem which, in the end, helps us put aside our shyness, our self-consciousness and our insecurities.
~ Welcome ~
Hello, Jammin' Jim Sanders here, owner and LEAD IMAGINATOR at Imagine This Productions...
Here at the Imagine This Productions world headquarters, all of our teaming thousands of employees (Jim's imaginary friends) are busy at work taking all of Jammin' Jim's music, poems, stories, lullabies (and more) and packaging them up for delivery to all.
Imagine ~ Create ~ Share
We can either deliver these wonderful items to you via this website or with a personal appearance from Jammin' Jim Sanders himself.
So let this fun web site be the start to your great adventures with Imagine This Productions have fun and seen you soon